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A Homeowner's Guide To Window Types

Deciding what kind of products are right for your home can be difficult. Knowing what type of window you're looking for is always a great place to start! We're going to go over the 8 most common window types installed here in Nova Scotia:

1. Single and Double Hung Windows

2. Single and Double Slider Windows

3. Tilt Windows

4. Casement Windows

5. Awning Windows

6. Bay and Bow Windows

7. Picture and Decorative Windows

8. Basement and Hopper Windows

Look at your current windows design. Does it do what you want it to do? Are you happy with the way it functions? The way it looks?

Whether you're looking to replace old windows or upgrade the look and function of the windows you have. The guide below should assist you in finding the right one for your project!

Single and Double Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows allow for air ventilation through a single functional lower sash. The upper portion of the window permanently fixed. Whereas Double Hung Windows have two operating sashes that move up and down vertically. This allows for air ventilation from the top and bottom separately, or both simultaneously.

Single and Double Slider Windows

Single Slider windows have one sash permanently fixed, while the other slides horizontally. A Double Slider Window has two sliding sashes at either side of the window. You can open each of them individually, or open them both at same time for well- designed efficient air ventilation. Easy to operate, simple to clean.

Tilt Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows can be opened inwards like how a casement window does. They can also be tilted from the bottom, so that the top of the window is angled inward. You can use the window in this position for air ventilation, or to clean your windows inside and out!

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side. The sash opens opposite the hinge, horizontally. When you open your Casement Window it allows for full air ventilation, from top to bottom. When you open the window you can angle and direct the air flow into your home. Allowing for optimal air circulation.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows are hinged at the top, the sash swings outward from the bottom. This allows for air ventilation, even during light rain. Awning Windows look amazing when paired with a large Picture Window below it. Maximizing your view and air flow, or to create a stunning feature in any room.

Bay and Bow Windows

Create a design focal point that adds beauty, form and function, custom-built to fit your home. Bay and Bow windows allow more light to come in and also adds a bit of extra space to your room. We fabricate our Bay Windows and Bow Windows by joining three (or more) windows side-by-side in a frame, built at an angle out from your home. Depending on the design you can choose from Casement Windows, Single Hung Windows or Picture Windows.

Picture and Decorative Windows

Picture windows are permanently fixed stationary windows. Although they don't open, they provide exceptional views and allow for large sizes. Since there's no moving parts, these windows are typically more economical and energy efficient. Decorative windows are a permanently fixed window in frame. Consider options like a curved or angled window by themselves or paired with other windows to add a dynamic feature to any room. Decorative Windows come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. A Decorative Window can add timeless elegance and charm to your living space.

Basement and Hopper Windows

Basement Windows are meant for use level with, or below grade. They are hinged at the top so that the window to be opened inward. This allows for air ventilation and natural light to come into your basement. Hopper Windows can be installed above the ground level, and the hinge is located at the bottom of the window. With hopper windows, you can get more air circulation because the window opens up completely.

Explore our Supplier's websites to see their selection of windows, grilles, glass finishes, and colors: Vinylbilt or Gentek (Regency 400 Series)

For easy-cleaning we recommend homeowners consider double-hung and sliding windows that tilt in. They're way easier to clean than most traditional models because you can access both sides of the window.

Please check to see if your eligible for any grants or rebates for your windows by visiting:

Canadian Government Home Renovation Grants & Rebates - A comprehensive website for Canadian government home renovation grants, rebates, tax credits and more! Click "Nova Scotia" on the map and answer a few questions to see what you qualify for.

Efficiency NS - Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by keeping your valuable heat inside with heat pumps, better insulation, draft-proofing, windows, doors, and other upgrades. Book your Home Energy Assessment to see where your home is losing heat, and what you can do to improve it.


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