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in Halifax, Bedford, & Dartmouth and surrounding areas

Welcome yourself home with an Entry Door you'll love

Every home is unique and has its own shape, size and design. The entry door on your home should compliment the overall look. Serving as a focal point for your home's exterior design. Providing a beautiful appearance, and worry-free functionality. The installation of a new Entry Door can provide your home with a number of appealing benefits. A distinctive, charming and eye-catching door creates a positive first impression with guests and visitors. A well-thought design can instantly improve your home's curb appeal. Potentially boosting your home's value.


As much as 30% of heat loss in your home can be attributed to your home's windows and doors. 


If you're planning a home renovation that includes upgrading your Entry Door, or even if you're building a new house. Our experienced crew can take care of all your product and installation needs. For doors that perform well in Nova Scotia. No matter if it's during our warm humid summer, or during a severe winter storm. Choose professional Exterior Door installation with Classic Roofing & Siding Limited.

Here at Classic Roofing & Siding Limited we work closely with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the highest quality doors at competitive prices. Consult with our professional Estimators and review our complete selection of Exterior Door styles. 


Your Estimator can provide you with material samples and brochures along with your free quote. To get up close and personal with the products, some of our suppliers have a local showroom (you can find them by location here - Royal, Allsco, Gentek, & Mitten). Or you can click on our manufacturers and suppliers logo to visit their online showrooms.​ 

Front Entry Door Options


Custom options allow you to choose the ideal shape, appearance, type of material, and price point to fit your entry way. Some of Front Entry Door options  include:


  • Beveled Edges

  • Sandblast, Stained-Glass or Cathedral Glass

  • Silkscreen Designs

  • Magnetic and Compression Weather Stripping

  • Adjustable Sills

  • Maintenance-Free Doorlites

  • Custom Door Surrounds and Dentil Trims

"What are the signs that I should replace an Exterior Door?"

  1. You feel a draft. 
    After years of use, the seals meant to keep your exterior doors air tight may start to shrink and crack. This allows cold outside air to enter your home. A drafty house is chilly and uncomfortable. You can avoid increases in your energy usage with a new, more efficient door. 

  2. You notice visible damage or cracks in the door.
    Cracks and other visible damage (Moisture, Mold, and Mildew) are indicators of a structurally weak door. This is not only a safety and security concern, it also allows bugs and drafts to enter your home. 

  3. Moisture forms on door glass.
    When condensation builds up between panes of glass in your entry door it can be frustrating, but also indicates a potential problem, especially if you have a wooden door. Moisture gets trapped in the door's interior and can result in mold, mildew, water stains or a bad odor. 

  4. Squeaky hinges.
    Door hinges wear out just like everything else, and it's easy to know when they need to be replaced because they will begin to make noise as their condition worsens. If the hinges on your entry door are still squeaking after you've oiled them, consider it a sign that it's time for an Exterior Door replacement. 

  5. You notice scrapes on the floor.
    An old or damaged door will typically warp or sag, making it more difficult to properly open and close. Often, a sagging door will begin to scrape and cause damage to your flooring.

Make your entryway a sight to behold. If  you're looking for clean lines and sleek modern sophistication, or doors with endearing country charm. We'll find the right door to suit your home.

"What kind of Exterior Doors do you install?"


Backed by decades of installation expertise, our doors are flawlessly installed to ensure product performance and longevity. All of our doors are custom-built to the precise specifications of your Exterior Door. Combining strength and elegance, our Exterior Door solutions offer quality and comfort in your home while providing you with outstanding all-season protection.

You can check out the First Impressions line of doors by Gentek here.

Classic Roofing & Siding Limited has over 30 years experience installing all types of Exterior Doors in Halifax, Bedford, Dartmouth and the surrounding areas. After giving us the go ahead from your free written estimate, we'll source a door fitting the exact measurements needed and have it installed by our experienced installation team. Some of the Exterior Door options available include:


  • Entry Doors

  • Sliding Patio Doors

  • French Patio Doors

  • Storm Doors

  • Steel Doors

  • Aluminum Doors

  • Wooden Doors

  • Fiberglass Doors

  • Windowed Doors

  • Paneled Doors

  • Wrought Iron Doors

  • Privacy Doors

  • Glass Doors

  • Dutch Doors

  • Composite Doors