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2023 Siding Trends To Follow

2023 has been another year where Homeowners haven't been afraid to show us their true colors! Bringing the drama with stunning dark accents, and the heat, with warm natural wood inspired elements. Combine stone veneer, board & batten, or wood shake alongside bold, daring siding colors. Make elements in the design stand out rather than blend in. Breaking away from tradition, neutral tones are on their way out. Homeowners are ready to embrace color and make an impact with their exterior design.

Mitten's Sentry siding in Burnt Orange with Novik shake in Anthracite and Pleasantview skirting

Some of the best siding combinations we've seen trending combine adventurous color choices with grounding base elements. Bold color choices include rich greens, energetic oranges, deep shades of blue, and even intriguing colors like purple, to really make an impression. These colors can highlight specific areas of your home. Making it a focal point of interest, drawing the eye in. Or you can go for whole home coverage for lush curb appeal! Using color to make a statement.

Mitten's Double 4" Horizontal in Annapolis Blue looks beautiful all year-round.

You can also choose to make multiple focal points in your design. Creating different sections allows you to incorporate more colors in your design without overwhelming the eye. In a painting, having multiple focal points provides a rhythm to the painting. As some people prefer maximilist elements to minimal ones. Some will argue that many focal points doesn't allow the eye a place to rest in a design. We like to think that it has the time, if the design is excuted well. With a grounding element to pull everything together, anything is possible.

Mitten's West Ridge Single 8" Plank in Arctic and Gunmetal Grey alongside Double 4" Horizontal in Frost and Indigo

If you prefer, color can highlight one specific area of the home. Such as, the front door, shutters, or trim. When using color and texture to highlight. You choose what can become the main focal point. Bright or interesting color adds a pop of interest to your home’s exterior. Frame a door with varied colors and textures to draw even more attention. Whether it's the garage door, entry door or a front patio. We can make it stand out from the rest.

Mitten's bold and neutral colours helps characterize your home West Ridge Single 8" Plank in Gunmetal Grey juxtaposed by their Double 4.5" Dutchlap in Ash creates a strong, inviting atmosphere!

Mitten siding provides a wide range of colors and finishes to help you achieve the look you're searching for. They have an incredible selection of bold colors and natural looking vinyl siding featuring cedar grain texture with a low gloss finish, lifetime color fade protection, and a limited lifetime warranty. All Mitten vinyl siding is hurricane force wind speed rated to withstand Nova Scotia weather. Visit their site to find the right color for your home design.

Standard Siding Colors:

Premium Siding Colors: 


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