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Can I Replace My Roof In Winter?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The short answer, is yes. Classic Roofing & Siding Ltd. offers year-round roof replacement and repairs. There are, however, a few variables that come in to play when planning your winter roofing projects. We'll go over them in this post. So you know what you can expect from us during the winter months.

Low Temperatures

The most significant factor to take into account for roof installation and repair, is going to be the temperature outside. The temperature not only dictates the conditions that our team is working in. It makes a big difference in how the materials that we're using perform, and how effectively we're able to install them.

Typically, our team works with more proficiency when temperatures are above freezing. That way we're able to comfortably work for longer periods of time outside. It's also the temperature where sealant properly dries and asphalt shingles are less brittle. Nails and nail guns can become problematic in colder temperatures. The gun can contract, reducing the momentum of the nail.

If it's too challenging for us to do our best work, or simply too dangerous we will reschedule when it's safe for us to do so. That means, if any ice, hail, or high wind is preventing us from working, it may take a little longer than originally anticipated.

Excess Moisture

In the last few years, the Maritimes has had some of the worst winter storms in our recorded history. These storms have torn siding completely off, damaged eavestrough and left many roof shingles scattered across yards. We've seen some heavy hail, sleet and rain accompany these storms as well.

Although installing roof shingles can be done while it's raining... That doesn't necessarily mean that you should! A roof is there to protect your home from moisture and the outside elements. If we start work on your roof and remove it while the weather isn't cooperating, we could inadvertently lead to more problems for your roof.

When there is too much moisture in the air or on your roof, our team won't be able to complete the work at that time. It's not only a unsafe environment to work, it can affect the performance of the materials and your roofing system. Always trust that your Classic roofer knows their stuff. If they're advising you that your roof's foundation is too wet for them to work on it, they probably have a good reason!

Roofing Materials

The materials that your roof is made of are designed to be durable enough to withstand all of the extreme weather you're expected to encounter. From high wind to snow, your roof is there to take it on. Whereas this is the case for previously installed roofing materials. It's not suggested that the installation of new shingles take place when the temperatures are too low. Aside from the risk of shingles cracking or breaking in low temperatures. It's also next too impossible for the sealant to dry properly when it's too cold.

This is something that we'll take into account when deciding whether or not we'll be able to schedule your roof installation. It's our mission to provide you with a properly installed, high-quality roof, and we can't do that when the temperature is simply too low.


Another factor we'll have to consider when discussing the weather is scheduling. Certain weather events and extreme temperatures ultimately affect the estimated time associated with a project. Since the weather can't be guaranteed, it inhibits our ability to give a solid timeline. We schedule jobs accordingly, and usually don't run into extended wait periods.

Although this year has come with it's own unique set of challenges along the way. Such as product and material suppliers experiencing shortages and production slow downs. It hasn't affected us drastically in our overall turn around time. We keep in close contact with our suppliers. If there are any delays that come up, we'll advise you as soon as possible.

It may seem difficult to schedule around winter weather, but there are a lot of days that projects don't get delayed due to snow. On average, Nova Scotia has under a week of snow days during each winter month. Most of our heavy snow falls are in January or February, tapering off in March. So, there are still plenty of great days throughout the winter to get work done. If it's a fresh layer of snow, we'll simply remove it and get right to work!


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