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Classic Roofing & Siding Limited


in Halifax, Bedford, & Dartmouth and surrounding areas

Create a backyard oasis with elegant decking solutions 

Adding a wood or composite deck in your backyard or around your pool can enhance the beauty and value of your property and provide you with more usable outdoor living space. Our experienced team can transform your backyard into a stylish and relaxing getaway to simply sit peacefully, nestled in with your favorite book, listening to the sounds of nature in your garden.

Create valuable outdoor living space in your backyard. Instead of your boring old backyard design a space to barbeque, serve up some drinks and entertain guests. Just call us and we can turn your yard into your family and friends new favorite summer destination.


Here at Classic Roofing & Siding Ltd. we work closely with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the highest quality deck boards, building materials and hardware at competitive prices, with products we know and trust. Let our professional Estimators help guide you in your selection! They can provide you with material samples and brochures along with your free quote. Or you can click on our manufacturers and suppliers logo to visit their online showrooms.

Create a practical, useful and attractive addition to optimize your yard and landscaping. Decks can be constructed from Wolmanized® wood or maintenance-free composite materials that will provide enjoyment for years to come. Rust resistant aluminum handrail systems are available to complete your deck.


We know that Nova Scotia's harsh climate and extremes in temperature can wreak havoc on outdoor builds. That's why we only use trusted materials. Traditional wood decks can last approximately 10 to 15 years, it costs less up front but will require maintenance, like pressure washing, sanding and staining to keep a smooth and sealed surface. Composite deck boards require little to no maintenance, it's an eco-friendly option (made with recycled wood scraps), and since it's resistant to common problems like pests, rot, and organic material growth, composite decking can have a lifespan of over 25 years.

Arbors, Trellises, Pergolas and Gazebos


Want to add an enticing, fun and functional enhancement to your backyard or garden but not sure what your space needs? At Classic Roofing & Siding Limited we offer our expertise to take your backyard project to the next level! We can help with planning and construction of arbors, trellises, pergolas or gazebos to get the most enjoyment out of outdoor living.


Arbors are typically larger and sturdier than a trellis. Arbors are open framework structures, with an arched or flat, open roof. If your looking for a solution that provides shelter, privacy and shade, an arbor may be just what you're looking for! It can blend with the existing landscape to enhance it's design or to create new spaces by dividing the garden into separate, defined areas. An arbor can be attached (like to a fence or a wall), or it can built to stand on it's own.



A Trellis can be used as an attractive component of your deck or in the garden as a show-stopping centerpiece. A sturdy well-made trellis paired with climbing, flowering plants can make a stunning impact to your backyard. Allow vines to grow up a wall or create a garden gate entwined in climbing rose for unforgettable country charm. 



A pergola gives you your own cozy little hideaway! It provides protection from the sun and rain, while adding character and beauty to your yard. A custom-made pergola is the ideal space to get comfortable and relax or to entertain guests. Whether you use it as a design element on your deck, or as a stand-alone feature a pergola is the perfect addition to your exterior design.


Gazebos are fully roofed garden structures with open sides, that can be screened in at your request. You can get a lot of use from season to season with a gazebo. It's the perfect place to get shade from the sun, and shelter from the weather as temperatures start getting cooler. A gazebo is a great place to sit, and relax. Enjoy some alone time with your coffee, take in the view, or entertain your friends and family... when you feel like sharing!

Arbors, trellises, pergolas and gazebos come in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. We can make sure that we suit your personal preferences, while embracing new elements. Choose to accent the existing design and color scheme of what you already have, or create a whole new look and make your old yard a thing of the past. We've got exactly what you need to make it happen! 


Whether your project includes repairs, or your building a whole new construction, our experienced team can help you find the best solution for you. We work with a network of reputable manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the highest quality products and services at competitive prices with professional installation services.

For more information about garden structures and decking in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, and the surrounding communities of Nova Scotia, or to schedule a no-obligation consultation and free estimate, please 
contact our office.

Get inspired by looking online to find the outdoor features you want in your own backyard. Save your pictures to show our Estimators when discussing your outdoor living space.